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PST Champion vs PSA Champion …

As you may be aware, the US-based PST has issued a challenge to the PSA whereby their respective champions or representatives play in a challenge match or two. There’s been a bit of a debate on this on the Let’s Talk forum …

Here’s the thread and here’s the Original PST Challenge. But we couldn’t resist copying this latest post from forum regular “Prophet“.

Brriing brriing…. Brriing brriing….Brriing brriing

NM: Hello, Nick speaking.

AG: Oh hi Nick, Alex Gough here. Sorry to bother you right now, I know that you’re over in Egypt playing the world’s best players over the next few days but I thought you should be made aware of something. It’s all over the internet. You’ve been challenged by the PST Crew.

NM: The who?

AG: No, not The Who, that’s an English rock band formed in 1964 by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, John Entwistle and the legendary Keith Moon.

NM: No, I meant who is PST?

AG: Oh sorry, silly me, just had a blonde moment. It’s the Professional Squash Tour.

NM: Isn’t that us, the squash touring professionals?

AG: Well yeah… but no… but yeah… but no… but yeah… but no… but yeah… but no ‘cause they only play in America.

NM: But I distinctly recall playing in America in February, at the North American Open. So it is us then.

AG: No Nick, this is a completely different group of professionals.

NM: Really! What makes them different?

AG: They play a different kind of squash. It’s called ‘No Lets’ squash.

NM: Hmm…‘No Lets’ squash eh…You winding me up?

AG: No no Nick, it’s straight up.

NM: Playing without lets. Isn’t that a little bit dangerous?

AG: Well I’m sure it would be but as I understand it they do call lets in dangerous situations.

NM: So… they call it ‘No lets’ squash but they actually call lets. Isn’t that slightly disingenuous/misleading/dishonest?

AG: Probably.

NM: So why do they call it ‘No lets’ squash when they actually call lets?

AG: Erm…… well…… er……

NM: Never mind, skip that one. So what’s in it for me?

AG: Well, let me see. You might get to play the PST World champion.

NM: You what!!! But I’m the World champion. How can there be another World champion.

AG: Well, the PST calls the winner of their tour the PST World champion.

NM: You are winding me up. That’s completely loony….. Oh never mind. So, who’s likely to be this alternative ‘World’ champion then?

AG: Er… David Palmer.

NM: David Palmer!!! The only David Palmer I know is Australian David Palmer who retired after the World Open in Rotterdam and then cleared off to the States to earn some cash playing in some tinpot………. Oh! So it is David Palmer.

AG: Yes Nick

NM: With all respect to Dave I beat him at least on the last three occasions we played, all in 2011, and when he retired I was World #1 whilst he was World #9. So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, what’s in it for me?

AG: Well, PST Commissioner ‘Dodgy’ Joe McManus expects it would be ”the single most anticipated match of the era” on a par with the Ali vs Frazier Thrilla’ in Manilla heavy weight fight in ‘75, the whole squash watching public want it to happen and you might even get to try out ‘No lets’ squash. So Nick, what do you think?

NM: …

AG: Did you hear me Nick?

NM: …

AG: Hello Nick, are you still there Nick? Hello Nick, hello, hello…..

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Willstrop extends World Ranking lead!

England's James Willstrop (le) has extended his lead at the top of the new April PSA Men's World Squash Rankings, as the 28-year-old is celebrating his 3rd month in pole position after 1st topping the rankings in January.

Fellow countryman Nick Matthew still remains in 3rd place in the list, just behind Frenchman Greg Gaultier (re). A trio of Egyptians occupy the next 3 places – Karim Darwish, Ramy Ashour and Amr Shabana.

Frenchman Thierry Lincou bounce back into the top at ten after a 4-month absence – on his 36th birthday!

Twin title success in March for Omar Mosaad has led to the Egyptian recording a career-high world No12 ranking. And England’s Tom Richards also marks a career-best ranking this month – leaping five places to No15.

April 2012 top 20 (inc. points average):
1 [1] James Willstrop ENG 1,569
2 [2] Gregory Gaultier FRA 1,296
3 [3] Nick Matthew ENG 1,261
4 [4] Karim Darwish EGY 930
5 [5] Ramy Ashour EGY 872
6 [6] Amr Shabana EGY 643
7 [7] Peter Barker ENG 627
8 [8] Mohamed El Shorbagy EGY 599
9 [9] Laurens Jan Anjema NED 478
10 [12] Thierry Lincou FRA 445
11 [11] Daryl Selby ENG 431
12 [13] Omar Mosaad EGY 426
13 [10] Mohd Azlan Iskandar MAS 389
14 [15] Cameron Pilley AUS 340
15 [20] Tom Richards ENG 336
16 [14] Hisham Mohd Ashour EGY 335
17 [16] Adrian Grant ENG 335
18 [18] Simon Rosner GER 319
18 [17] Alister Walker BOT 319
20 [19] Tarek Momen EGY 310

Manchester to host PSA Men’s World Championship 2013!

The City of Manchester will host the prestigious PSA Men’s World Squash Championships in 2013. Manchester follows Rotterdam, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait City as recent locations, staged under the auspices of the Professional Squash Association (PSA), which will be held at the National Squash Centre between 26 October and 3 November.

The announcement was made this morning, attended by two-time World Champion, Nick Matthew (le), and current World No. 1 James Willstrop (ri). Nick Matthew said, “The World Championships is the biggest title in the game and hosting it on home soil will allow us to showcase it to a wider global audience. World Championships in Manchester will also play a massive part in proving squash’s credentials for an Olympic spot in 2020.”

Willstrop leeds new World rankings!

The new World No1, England’s James Willstrop celebrated two things: 1st to be back on top and 2nd, the release of his book “Shot and a Ghost”. After last month’s victory of the North American Open Willstrop opened up a 250 point lead over his new nearest rival, the Frenchman Greg Gaultier, who to the No2 position.

But Willstrop's latest success in Virginia, coupled with a shock semi-final exit by his fellow Yorkshireman, sees the new North American Open champion take pole position in the rankings while Matthew slips to third place – his lowest ranking since December 2009!

A trio of Egyptians occupy the next 3 places in the rankings: Karim Darwish at 4, Ramy Ashour at 5 and Amr Shabana in 6th place.

March 2012 top 20 (inc. points average):
1 [2] James Willstrop ENG 1,546
2 [3] Gregory Gaultier FRA 1,296
3 [1] Nick Matthew ENG 1,261
4 [4] Karim Darwish EGY 965
5 [5] Ramy Ashour EGY 872
6 [6] Amr Shabana EGY 640
7 [7] Peter Barker ENG 635
8 [8] Mohamed El Shorbagy EGY 622
9 [9] Laurens Jan Anjema NED 468
10 [10] Mohd Azlan Iskandar MAS 404
11 [12] Daryl Selby ENG 394
12 [13] Thierry Lincou FRA 380
13 [14] Omar Mosaad EGY362
14 [11] Hisham Mohd Ashour EGY 350
15 [15] Cameron Pilley AUS 349
16 [17] Adrian Grant ENG 319
17 [16] Alister Walker BOT 312
18 [20] Simon Rosner GER 307
19 [18] Tarek Momen EGY 304
20 [19] Tom Richards ENG 283

Willstrop tops PSA World Series standings!

Success in Saturday’s final of the Davenport North American Open in Virginia has taken England’s James Willstrop to the top of the latest Dunlop PSA World Series Standings.

A semi-final berth in the second PSA World Series of the year was enough to ensure that the 28-year-old will return to No1 in the March world rankings – but it was Willstrop’s victory over Egyptian rival Ramy Ashour in the final in Richmond that saw him leap over fellow countryman Nick Matthew to head the new World Series Standings.

Matthew, winner of the JP Morgan Tournament of Champions, the 1st World Series event of the year in New York, secures 2nd place after a last 4 finish in Virginia.

Semi-final berths both in New York and Richmond enabled France’s Gregory Gaultier to hold onto 3rd place, while Ashour – despite not competing at Grand Central Terminal – makes his debut this year at No4.

Egypt’s Amr Shabana, a quarter-finalist in the two events to date, is in 5th place – ahead of England’s Daryl Selby and Germany’s Simon Rosner who share 6th place.

The top eight players in the list at the end of the year qualify for a place in the ATCO PSA World Series Finals in London early next year.

The next PSA World Series event this year will be the El Gouna International Open, in El Gouna, Egypt, from 7-13 April.

Latest 2012 PSA World Series Standings (after North American Open):

Position (Prev)
1 2 James Willstrop (ENG) 165
2 1 Nick Matthew (ENG) 140
3 3 Gregory Gaultier (FRA) 80
4 – Ramy Ashour (EGY) 65
5 5 Amr Shabana (EGY) 50
6= 3 Daryl Selby (ENG) 40
6= 9 Simon Rosner (GER) 40
8 17 Karim Darwish (EGY) 35
9= 9 Cameron Pilley (AUS) 30
9= 9 Adrian Grant (ENG) 30
9= 9 Shahier Razik (CAN) 30
12= 5 Peter Barker (ENG) 25
12= 5 Mohamed El Shorbagy (EGY) 25
12= 5 Marwan El Shorbagy (EGY) 25
12= 9 Nicolas Mueller (SUI) 25
12= 9 Miguel Angel Rodriguez (COL) 25
12= 17 Thierry Lincou (FRA) 25
12= 17 Olli Tuominen (FIN) 25
12= 17 Alister Walker (BOT) 25
12= 17 Zac Alexander (AUS) 25
12= – Karim Abdel Gawad (EGY) 25

adidas becomes official sportswear partner of the PSA World Tour!

Global sports brand adidas has become the Official Sportswear Partner to the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour. The two-year agreement, which starts in January 2012, will see adidas provide clothing to all PSA staff and officials at each of the PSA World Series events – the top tier events of the PSA World Tour.

The deal comes as the PSA starts to implement its World Tour Partner Programme that looks to exploit the rapid expansion in the global broadcast coverage of squash in the past 18 months.

The deal comes as the PSA starts to implement its World Tour Partner Programme that looks to exploit the rapid expansion in the global broadcast coverage of squash in the past 18 months.

Alex Gough, Chief Executive of the PSA, commented: “I am delighted that we have entered into a partnership with adidas. Both the PSA and adidas have the very highest ambitions for the sport of squash and clear visions for the future of our sport.

“Squash is in an exciting phase of commercial development and we are looking to attract Tour partners across a range of categories – having adidas come on board is a real boost for the Tour.”

WSF World Junior Circuit Rankings 2012!

Whilst Egyptian Marwan El Shorbagy (pic le) retains his men’s number one ranking, England’s Emily Whitlock makes her debut at the top of the women’s list in the new January WSF World Junior Rankings. El Shorbagy, aged 18 and from Alexandria, is the reigning World Junior and British Junior Open Champion.

India’s 17-year-old Mahesh Mangaonkar move up to second place – pushing Egypt’s Mohamed Abouelghar, runner-up to El Shorbagy in Belgium, down to No3. Dutchman Tom de Mulder bursts into the rankings for the 1st time at No4 and Mexican Mario Yanez also makes his first appearance in the list at No5.

Emily Whitlock, the 17-year-old British national junior champion, is rewarded for her focus and success on the world junior circuit by taking over the top spot – succeeding Egypt’s world junior champion Nour El Tayeb. And India’s Anaka Alankamony also moved up in the list to take over 2nd place. American Maria Elena Ubina, 16-year-old winner of the US Junior Open, leaps up to fifth place, below Egyptians Nour El Tayeb and Nour El Sherbini, at 3 and 4, respectively.

The WSF World Junior Circuit Rankings – which are based on the under 19 age grouping and were launched last October – will be issued quarterly, based on results achieved in national junior opens, regional championships and WSF World Junior Individual Championships. In the coming months, as players compete in more events (there are sixteen already on the circuit in the first half of the year), players will have more results with which to find a level.

Men’s top 10:
1 (1) Marwan El Shorbagy (Egypt) 66.67
2 (3) Mahesh Mangaonkar (India) 55.00
3 (2) Mohamed Abouelghar (Egypt) 46.67
4 (-) Tom de Mulder (Belgium) 44.33
5 (-) Mario Yanez (Mexico) 41.67
6 (-) Ahmed Abdel Khalek (Egypt) 41.67
7 (11) Declan James (England) 38.33
8 (7) Tatu Knuutila (Finland) 34.33
9 (15) Tom Ford (England) 34.33
10 (20) Tyler Osborne (Canada) 32.67

Women’s top 10:
1 (5=) Emily Whitlock (England) 76.67
2 (4) Anaka Alankamony (India) 73.33
3 (1) Nour El Tayeb (Egypt) 66.67
4 (2) Nour El Sherbini (Egypt) 46.67
5 (29) Maria Elena Ubina (USA) 45.00
6 (3) Lee Ka Yi (Hong Kong China) 42.67
7 (29) Caroline Sayegh (Germany) 32.67
8 (12) Aparajitha Balamurukan (India) 29.33
9 (-) Julia Lecoq (France) 29.33
10 (5=) Amanda Sobhy (USA) 26.67

PSA secures Sky Sports live at Queen’s!

Live coverage of the semi-finals and finals from the ATCO PSA World Series Finals on Sky TV is the latest breakthrough for SquashTV, the Professional Squash Association’s dedicated online and TV operation. The Sky programme will be hosted by Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton and the MC for the event is Natalie Pinkham (pic right, together with World No1 James Willstrop), known for her role in the channel’s Formula 1 coverage.

PSA CEO Alex Gough said: “We have been talking to Sky Sports for a few years about live coverage and we are delighted that they have now allowed us to broadcast our flagship event. The SquashTV team that we have built up over the last two years is now able to showcase the World Series Finals in full HD and will also produce a full Sky Sports Studio presentation.”

In addition to the Sky Sports feed, SquashTV is producing coverage for a separate world feed throughout the event on

“In our bid to enter the Olympics in 2020, this full HD show, with both men’s and women’s finals, is another milestone in an ambition that we feel is drawing ever closer. Furthermore, we will also be using an ‘Extreme Super SloMo’ in this coverage to highlight the incredible athleticism and finesse of our great athletes. It is going to be spectacular”, Gough added.

Saudi businessman Ziad Al-Turki, Chairman of the PSA, has been the driving force behind many of the sport’s initiatives since becoming involved in 2005. Vice-president of ATCO, the industrial conglomerate owned by his father which sponsors the unique PSA Tour event in London, Al-Turki will be at Queen’s Club this week to oversee the best eight men and women compete for their end-of-year titles.

“We didn’t really start with anything,” said Al-Turki. “We had to work hard to change people’s minds about squash but we now have the tools in place to succeed. Sky covering it is a step of approval, too.”

Since its formation in January 2010, SquashTV has covered over 20 major events and has over 50,000 unique visitors a month, in addition to distribution to 20 broadcasters worldwide, with a potential reach of 340 million viewers.

Sky Sports 2 transmission details:
Saturday: 14.00-17.30
Sunday: 14.00- 17.00

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