I love squash 150.000 fans on facebook


How to be a part of the next squash boom and support this beautiful sport.

  1. Become a fan on facebook.
  2. Invite your friends to become a fan too. Just go to "i love squash" on facebook and click on "Suggest to Friends" directly under the "i love squash" logo.
  3. Download the "i love squash" banners and put one of them on to your website.
  4. Commit yourself to "i love squash" and send one or more of the banners to your friends.
  5. If you have website and you like to support this movement you can place the "i love squash" banner on to your website on the frontpage and link to http://i-love-squash.com. And as a benefit for your website, we place your logo (70px height, send it to: info@i-love-squash.com) in the area "they love it too" at the bottom of every page.
  6. Talk to your friends and play squash with them ;-)

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