Best wishes for the New Year 2011!

Dear all I love squash fans, we would like to send the best wishes to you for a healthy and fulfilling New Year. We are looking forward to bringing you more news from the world of squash in 2011.


PSA introduces new World Tour Structure for 2011!

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) did introduce a new event structure and a new seeding system. Heading the PSA World Tour from 2011 will be the World Open with a minimum prize-fund of $275,000. Below the World Open there will be the new PSA World Series events which have prize-funds upwards of $115,000. The next level will be PSA International 25, 35, 50, and 70, boasting prize-funds from $25,000 to $114,999. PSA Challenger 5, 10, and 15 will have prize-funds from $5,000 to $24,999. Additionally there will be a change in the number of players seeded in event draws. From 1st January 2011, only one in four players will be seeded, instead of one in two as has been the current practice. “It was felt that we over protect players using the current system – and this often led to too many one-sided matches in the first round or two,” explained PSA CEO Alex Gough (pic). First outcome of the new seeding-system at the TOC in NYC: 2 qualifiers will meet in the 1st round while next door’s 1st round match will be Mohamed El Shorbagy (world No.9) against Azlan Iskandar (world No.14). Any comment?


Squash rallies will help over the squash less time!

Again we show you some squash rallies. These time some elder material with James Willstrop, Nick Matthew, Greg Gaultier, Ramy Ashour, Amr Shabana and Karim Darwish. It will help to get you over the squash less time – any comments will be appreciated.
squash rallies 3

Ashour beats Gaultier at the TOC!

As promised we offer you some more fantastic squash rallies. The actual one shows Ramy Ashour and Greg Gaultier in their 2010 Tournament of Champions quarter-final battle – Ashour finally won in five after 70 minutes. Enjoy it.
R. Ashour v G. Gaultier 2010 T.O.C. Squash
A few more minutes of this incredible match which was eventually won by Ashour in 5.

I love squash extend to 12.000 fans!

Just one month after the I love squash community broke through the 10.000 fan border, it’s done: We made 12.000 fans before the year changed. To reach 15.000 fans should be the next goal for 2011. Your support is the key to success.
Squash | i love squash
Squash is the world’s healthiest sport, squash is played in over 175 countries by over 20 million people and squash is easy to learn – you will love squash.

SQUASH – Olympics? No thanks, we have bigger goals to realize …

As the Olympic committee denied squash another time from the Olympic family, many squash players were frustrated about this decision. Zee Shaan Jamal raised with his video the question if it is worth to keep trying to join Olympia. Watch out this video and post your comments on this important issue.
SQUASH – Olympics? No thanx, WE have bigger goals to realize…
Here are my two cents on the whole ‘SQUASH not being included in the 2016 Olympics’… and I really mean it…

Nick Matthew on top of the World!

England’s top squash player Nick Matthew (pic) returns home just shortly before Xmas with two Commonwealth Games gold medals in his pocket; becoming England’s first world champion; and clinching 7 major Tour titles in 2010 which will ensure his status as the world number 1 in January. “The biggest thing that hit home after my triumph was that I had become the first Englishman to have won it,” said Matthew. “That’s something that nobody can take away from me forever. It’s been a dream year,” admitted Matthew, looking back at his successes. “They were my goals at the beginning of the year and I set my sights high, so to have achieved all three is amazing – something that was perhaps more of a dream goal rather than a realistic one! Now I can’t wait to catch up with all my close friends and family, and all those people who have supported me over the years. These are the people I’m dying to see and say thank you to – over a beer or two!” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all squash fans.


Squash stars on video – part1!

The squash stars are preparing for Christmas and the turn of the year. To help getting all the fans over these squash less days we offer some more video links – here is the 1st one. Sit back, relax and have fun.
squash rallies 4