Massaro moves into Top 3 in December Rankings!

Laura Massaro (ENG) beat Jenny Duncalf (ENG) 13-11, 11-5, 13-11 in the semi-finals of the US Open 2011 (photo: Steve Cubbins, SquashSite)

Nicol David is on her 63rd consecutive month as world No1. The Malaysian left New Zealander Susan Devoy (58 month) far behind her in the all-over statistics. The world No2 position remains unchanged, as England’s Jenny Duncalf (pic ri) established herself. Laura Massaro (pic le) has moved into the world’s top 3 for the 1st time. The Englishwoman started the year ranked at No10. Low Wee Wern records her highest ranking at No11.

December 2011 top 10 (inc. points average): 1 [1] Nicol David MAS 3,279; 2 [2] Jenny Duncalf ENG 1,934; 3 [4] Laura Massaro ENG 1,411; 4 [3] Madeline Perry IRL 1,409; 5 [6] Kasey Brown AUS 1,111; 6 [5] Rachael Grinham AUS 1,078; 7 [8] Raneem El Weleily EGY 1,022; 8 [7] Annie Au HKG 948; 9 [10] Natalie Grinham NED 920; 10 [9] Camille Serme FRA 877.

There were further career highs in the top 100:
Kanzy El Dafrawy up to no.29 after reaching the World Open last 16. That makes 6 Egyptians in the top 30. Gaby Huber makes her top 30 debut at no.30. She started the year outside the top 50.
Yathreb Adel up to no.32. The youngest player in the top 100 pushed Massaro in the World Open 1st round.

Melody Francis captured her 5th title of the year at the Mackay Open and moves to no.36, Siyoli Waters at no.38, Misaki Kobayashi up to no.39, Sina Wall up to no.41, Samantha Cornett up to no.44, Lauren Selby up to no.47, Olga Ertlova up to no.48, Ahn Eun Chan up to no.53, Lisa Aitken up to 55, Coline Aumard up to no.56, Amanda Landers-Murphy to 57, Salma Hany up to no.59, Tesni Evans up to no.65, Liu Tsz-Ling up to 68, Tamika Saxby up to 73, Kristen Lange up to no.82, Megan Craig up to no.84, Christine Nunn up to no.86 and Vanessa Pickard up to no.90.