Ramy Ashour is back!

Ramy Ashour's last big victory was the ROWE British Grand Prix title in September 2011 in Manchester (photo: Steve Cubbins, SquashSite)

All squash fans all over the world could not wait until „he is back“. We are talking about Egyptian heroic superstar Ramy Ashour who was suffering a hamstring injury since the health problems started in last year’s October.

At the Qatar Classic he had to retire in the 1st round and has failed coming back in November at the World Open in Rotterdam and in December at the PSA Masters in New Delhi. From there on Ashour had to withdrawal from 2 major events: The World Series Finals in London and the Tournament of Champions in New York.

The North American Open will start very soon (20th of Feb). The question to answer will be, if he gets back strong enough to attack again in Virgina?