Squash and Olympia – a never ending Story?

N Ramachandran President of the World Squash Federation) led the Squash bid to the 2020 Olympic Games programme in Buenos Aires last September

World Squash Federation President N Ramachandran (ri), who attended the Sochi Winter Olympic Games as the newly-elected President of the Indian Olympic Association, is encouraged by the IOC vision to introduce new sports to the Summer Games programme “sooner rather than later”.

Vladimir Putin (le) hosted a dinner for all the Heads of the National Olympic Committees, at which IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach (mi) introduced Ramachandran to the Russian President. “Naturally, I was able to use my opportunities in Sochi to continue my quest to secure a place for squash on the Olympic Programme, and it is clear that the IOC do have a vision that enables new sports to be admitted sooner rather than later,” said Ramachandran.

However the question is if squash should continue the quest, especially when participating sports producing headlines of doping cases in every Olympic event, like a few days ago again.

What’s the opinion in the squash community, should squash continue bidding for the Olympics?