Here come the girls!

The girls and MC Sue Wright of the ROWE British Grand Prix 2011 (picture by Duncan Grove)

Here come the girls. Special court treatment in between games of the ROWE British Grand Prix. Sell-out crowds and online chat rooms covering the event showed their enthusiasm for a new internationalSPORTgroup initiative – the introduction of female models to help with the onsite presentation of the championship. As well as introducing the players, the girls also acted as attendants on the ASB all-glass court between games. Event compere Sue Wright, the former England international and world No3, enthused: “The crowd loved it – and at the end of the day it’s all about providing entertainment around the squash.

“It’s all the trimmings that make the difference between it being an average event – and a world-class event. It’s all about upping the profile,” said the Commonwealth Games gold medallist and four-time British champion.