Squash shows 2020 Olympic ambition!

The squash2020 bid campaign aims to concentrate all groups involved in the sport to back the bid for the Olympics 2020

As part of squash's campaign to become part of the 2020 Olympic Games, the World Squash Federation (WSF) unveiled the squash2020 bid logo with the slogan “Sport At Its Best”.

Additionally the WSF has launched “squash2020.com” – a website which should keep up to date with the campaign. How important are the Olympics for squash?

“The Squash 2020 bid effort will be strongly supported by social media” said WSF President N Ramachandran. “We will be generating content to squash fans all over the world via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube throughout the duration of the bid process until ‘judgement day’.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that later this month Squash will unveil a bid brochure capturing the sport’s key attributes and outline what the sport can bring to the Olympic Movement – with commentary in French and English.

WSF CEO Andrew Shelley said: “Our bid brochure will seek to capture the features of our growing global sport, the sheer athleticism of the players, the especially valuable ability to place glass show courts in locations that show off host cities, our development credentials, growing broadcast reach and our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation.”