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Legends Of Squash!

The Legends will be hosted at Namur in Belgium. This event (25th to 27th May 2012) has a prestigious line-up of legends: David Palmer, Peter Nicol, Jonathon Power, John White. These four master-class legends will be accompanied by Simon Parke, Martin Heath, Tim Garner and Derek Ryan.

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Barada collides with Power at the Al-Ahram International!

Match between Ahmed Barada and Jonathon Power at the Al-Ahram International 2000 as Barada followed up the boast and collides with Power in the right front corner. Letball, no let or stroke?

Daryl Selby vs Greg Gaultier: dive or not?

Match between Greg Gaultier and Daryl Selby at the ROWE British Grand Prix 2011. It looked like a collision in the 1st place and a letball was given. But was there any contact or was it a dive like some football players used to do?

Outrageous rally with Alister and Ramy!

One day to go to the main draw action at the El Gouna International Open in Egypt. To prepare you for spectacular squash, check out the outrageous rally at the World Open, featured by Alister Walker and Ramy Ashour …

Ramy Ashour got another trick!

Ramy Ashour got another trick – watch out and enjoy …

Canary Wharf Classic 2010: Let situation?

Two days to go to start the 2012 Canary Wharf Classic. No let, let or stroke? In the 2010 Canary Wharf quarters David Palmer pushed Greg Gaultier …

Peter Nicol vs Jonathon Power!

As the next event is the Canary Wharf Classic (19th to 23rd of March) where England’s legend Peter Nicol is mainly involved as a promotor, we would like to give you some memories of Peter Nicol’s great squash matches. The video shows you some rallies from 2003 Super Series Finals in London between 2 great legends Jonathan Power and Peter Nicol.

Wael El Hindi and Alister Walker: Two birds of paradise!

Wael El Hindi and Alister Walker: Two birds of paradise in the squash circuit, two special guys with special character. Enjoy one of their best rallies!

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