Grinham takes maiden ToC title!

Natalie Grinham (NED) beat Dipika Pallikal (IND) 11-4,11-3,11-3 in the maiden final of the Tournament of Champions 2012 (photo: Steve Line)

In the women’s Tournament of Champions final squash mom Natalie Grinham (pic ri) taught her 13-years-younger opponent Dipika Pallikal (pic le) a lesson about court coverage and strength.

The 33-year-old, who has played under the Dutch flag since marrying fellow squash player Tommy Berden, kept opponent off guard and off balance and the match victory (11-4,11-3,11-3) for Grinham was never in doubt. The former World No2 used length and width to keep her opponent out of the middle of court to ensure winning the 1st ever ToC women’s title ever.

And Grinham’s 19-month-old son Kieran can add a new phrase to his vocabulary – instead of just saying “Mommy America”, he can say “Mommy America champion.”