Selby survives Richards attack at Canary Wharf!

The crown at the Canary Wharf got much better matches in today’s 2nd part of the 1st round. Even if Nick Matthew (ENG) and Greg Gaultier (FRA) beat their opponents Borja Golan (ESP) and Olli Tuominen (FIN) in straight games, it was much more entertaining than the previous night. The opening game, which showed German Simon Rosner facing Nick Ryder from England went to 4 games as both players took one game each, Rosner was able to open up a gap and take the 3/1-victory. In the last match of the evening, Daryl Selby (pic le) came back from 1 game down to stretch a 2:1 lead. But his English compatriot Tom Richards (pic ri) was able to put the pace up, played superb shots to level with a thrilling 16-14 tiebreak. It looked like as there was nothing left inside Richards as Selby took a 10:4 lead, but Richard came back to 10:9 as Selby took the victory.