England dominates the BANK’S’ English Grand Prix Qualifying!

Three out of eight qualifying places have been taken by English Players, accompanied by one player from Hong Kong, a Malaysian, a New Zealander, a Scotsman, and an Italian. In the longest match of the qualification finals No.4 seed Alan Clyne finally overcame England’s Joe Lee in 80 minutes (8-11 11-4 8-11 11-3 11-6). Seven more players beside Clyne will compete in The main draw of the ROWE British Grand Prix’s 1st round: Laurence Delasaux (ENG), Ivan Yuen (MAS), Chris Simpson (ENG), Kashif Shuja (NZL), Robbie Temple (ENG), Max Lee (HKG), Amr Swelim (ITA).
ROWE British Grand Prix Manchester 2010 – English Squash Grand Prix, Wolverhampton, England (qualif
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