Fitz-Gerald confident for international comeback!

National pride was behind Sarah Fitz-Gerald‘s (pic) decision to play for Australia at the Women’s World Team Squash Championships New Zealand. The 5 times world champion compete in her 1st big squash event in almost 10 years, as she retired in 2002. She joins a powerful team that includes world number five Rachael Grinham, 7th ranked Kasey Brown and 17th ranked Donna Urquhart. “There was one year Australia finished 10th and I think the last one we might have been about sixth. When I was coming through we were always in the top three, probably the top two so that’s part of the reason I put my hand up – just to see if I could help move us up from potentially sixth to four or five even. I haven’t ever really stopped playing since I came off tour. I’ve been doing league, promotions and exhibitions, so my fitness is still pretty good and I’m playing all right”.