KPMG Grand Slam Cup

The Champions are back – KPMG GRAND SLAM CUP 2014!

After the initial KPMG Grand Slam Cup has been played in 2013, the 2nd edition of the impressive one-night-event will take place at the 7th of May 2014
Some of the best players in the world return to Frankfurt to battle for the title of KPMG Grand Slam Cup Champion for the 2nd time. On May 7th, the international squash stars will compete in this unique “One Night Only” event.

Rosner is ready for the KPMG Grand Slam Cup!

"It's an honour to be picked as one of the 4 players for inaugural KPMG Grand Slam Cup in Frankfurt", said the German No1 Simon Rosner
German No1 and World No 12 Simon Rosner is ready to rumble the big boys (Ramy Ashour, Nick Matthew and Greg Gaultier) at the KPMG Grand Slam Cup (8th of May) at The Squaire in Franikfurt Airport.

KPMG Grand Slam Cup debuts in Frankfurt!

Individual tables with seating for four guests at the KPMG Grand Slam Cup are available, please visit
4 of the leading squash players in the world will come together to compete for the inaugural KPMG Grand Slam Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, on 8 May 2013. The innovative one-night squash spectacular will feature Egypt's current World No1, reigning World Champion and recent 2013 Tournament of Champions winner Ramy Ashour, together with England's 2011 World No1 and World Champion Nick Matthew, plus France's 2009 World No1 and 2013 Swedish Open Champion Gregory Gaultier.