N Ramachandran

Squash and Olympia – a never ending Story?

World Squash Federation President N Ramachandran (ri), who attended the Sochi Winter Olympic Games as the newly-elected President of the Indian Olympic Association, is encouraged by the IOC vision to introduce new sports to the Summer Games programme "sooner rather than later".

World Squash Day set up biggest sports match!

World Squash Day set up biggest sports match on earth! The sport of Squash is claiming a world record for the biggest sports match in history. More than 40,000 players registered to take part in the World Squash Day ...

Squash on the Olympic Games shortlist!

All squash fans around the world might get infected with the Olympic fever again, as Squash has been included on the shortlist of sports to be considered for inclusion in the Olympic Sports Programme starting in 2020. World Squash Federation President ...