German play-offs: Taufkirchen & Worms won!

German play-offs: Taufkirchen (Sina Wall, Gaby Schmohl and Astrid Kern) won the women’s for the 3rd time in a row by beating Rosenheim (Kathrin Hauck, Franziska Hennes and Laura Kutsch) 2-1. B&W Worms (David Palmer, Jens Schoor, André Haschker and Carsten Schoor) took the men’s title for the 1st time, while the big favorite Paderborn (James Willstrop, Simon Rosner, Norman Junge and Cederic Lenz) was kicked out in the semis by the surprising finalist Hamborn (Tom Richards, Rudi Rohrmuller, Raphael Kandra and Marc Hoerning). Worms beat Koblenz (Laurens Jan Anjema, Stefan Leifels, Johannes Voit and Markus Voit) in the 2nd semi-final 3-1. The men’s final was in full control of Palmer’s team while he beat Tom Richards 3-1, Carsten Schoor overrun Marc Hoerning 3-0 and André Haschker downed Raphael Kandra 3-1. The last match (best of 3) between Jens Schoor and Rudi Rohrmüller was won 2-1 by Rohrmuller.